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Homing Beacon for the Last Bee


I began working with honeybees due to the plight of the bees, but 2013 was the first summer I did not have my own bees to work with.  Every hive I thought I would be working with fell through, due to ill health, colony collapse, and even a bear attack.  But I did have dead bees, and so I made a shrine for the "last bee", utilizing moss, rye roots, holi powder, and of course, a bee.  The yellow symbol is a graphical representation of the waggle dance, the set of movements that the bees do in order to communicate directions to food and potential new homes.  This installation was created in a 100+ - year-old dairy barn in Roxbury New York on the Straight Out of the Ground Farm, as part of the Andes Sprout Society Residency.

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