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The Doilies of Imminent Destruction and Other Nuclear Explorations

Everything changed in the nuclear era. For the first time in human history, an act of creation could spell the act of the ultimate destruction – planetary annihilation. In 1984, two years before Chernobyl would explode, Jacques Derrida urges those in the humanities to “...concern ourselves seriously with the nuclear issue.” as “...the frontier is more undecidable than ever, as it is between the good and evil of all nuclear technology”.  It is impossible to view the world the same way once its potential destruction is contemplated. Yet, we all grow up in the shadow of this knowledge, pushing it to the back of our minds so that we can function in the world.
I am not alone in my urgency. Environmental Art is becoming a large enough field to be considered a viable genre, and many artists are finding ways to merge art and activism surrounding the nuclear issues we face. And yet, artists also all face the same challenge: how does one make the invisible visible?

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