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Transglutaminaise is a photo series inspired by “meat glue”, a chemical used in the food industry to “glue” together cheaper cuts of meat into a seamless approximation of a steak.  Mimicking the less savory parts of our industrialized food supply by combining food with a non-food additive, the photos create an unsettling, unappetizing blend indicative of a mood of dis-ease.  The pink silicone exudes a sickly sweetness, evocative of both the flesh and something like a pink frosting, similar to Will Cotton’s saccharine painted wonderlands.  The viewer comes to understand what they are seeing slowly, with the beaded sweat on the skin suggesting the bumps on the chicken’s skin beneath it.  It is only in seeing the yellow fat peeking through the heavy drapes of the pink coated skin, in recognizing the faint outline of a wing or the silhouette of a drumstick that the form becomes clear, but still it is draped in illogical mystery.  As illogical of a mystery as the additives found in Chicken McNuggets for example, which do, indeed, contain silicone.

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